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Thursday, June 17, 2010

No inspiration

Just a shout out to let you know that I just plain haven't felt like writing.  I feel I want to have a niche to write about instead of the mundane dealings of everyday.  I had someone ask and so I thought I'd let you all know.  Thanks for reading.  I may or may not be back!

I'm heading to OH tomorrow for my mom's memorial service.  She died in January and we're finally going to meet and celebrate her life.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Changing things up

1.  Blogger added some new templates.  A friend mentioned she saw hummingbirds the other day, so that's why I chose this one!  It feels appropriate for summertime.

2.  I took Lola to Chuck E. Cheese's today.  We met some friends and had a really good time!  The new CEC's is near the Danbury Mall.  We then went over to the mall for a Happy Meal.  I had a large fries and a frappe.  Oh yum!  What a guilty pleasure those two items were!  We then went over to The Christmas Tree shop.  We got some outdoor games and some crafts for "camp."  We got back and got right in the pick up line at school.

3.  We had a late afternoon doctor appointment and then went to John's Best for dinner.  Lola had a very full birthday and then got to come home to more presents!  She went to bed a very happy little 4-year old!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Outdoorsy Day

1.  Lola and I started the day by meeting friends at Cranbury Park in Norwalk.  It's located at 300 Grumman Ave and is really nice!  It has a playground and walking trails, frisbee golf, and an amazing old weeping birch tree that you can play under!  It was like a fairy tale!

2.  We then went to Bartlett Arboretum in Stamford.  It's free on Wednesdays!  We walked around on the woodland trails and then went to lunch at Parkway Diner nearby.

3.  We took Grace to her last social skills class.  SuperKids is a good program, but she says she's done!  I won't miss the drive over to Norwalk every week and the obligatory walk to CVS for gum with Lola.  We took the sealife cookies from Lola's party and still have tons left!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Farm to Lake

1.  Lola and I started out at Sport Hill Farm where we planted a pizza garden!  We planted a tomato, oregano, basil and chives.  It will be fun to see if we can get them to grow and not be eaten by all the wildlife in our area!

2.  From the farm we went to the lake in Trumbull.  One of the girls in the Mom's EMT group invited everyone over for swimming at her parents' house.  It was freezing, but the kids still had fun.  We ate pizza and then I brought cupcakes to celebrate Lola's birthday.  I have so many still leftover from her party!

3.  Tomorrow will be a busy day with a playground playdate at Cranbury Park in Norwalk then we're meeting a friend at the Bartlett Arboretum in Stamford and then having lunch.  I did walk on the treadmill today and need to make sure I can squeeze it in tomorrow, too!

Monday, June 7, 2010


1.  Lola has had a ball playing with all her new presents.  I'll have to say that I've enjoyed them, too.  Either I get to play them with her or she is playing quietly by herself.  We really have to start going through all our old toys and blessing others with them!  Flylady taught me that!

2.  We went to The Little Gym and then to LA Fitness and then had swim class this afternoon.  This was the last swim class for the session.  Show week is next week for TLG.  I also went to Trader Joe's and The Fresh Market.  Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs.  Rich asked me what the meatballs were made of-they were the turkey ones from TJ's.  I think that means he didn't like them very much!

3.  I typed poems for Grace's class to publish in a book tonight.  It was fun reading what 7 year olds write about!  Rich and I watched two episodes of Pawn Stars.  Love that show!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Party Day!

1.  Lola's party finally got here!  She has been waiting so long and really had a great day.  I spent all weekend getting ready for today and am pooped, but satisfied that it was a good time.  We had 45 people in our house!  It was a stressful weekend and next year I'll think long and hard about having the party here vs. somewhere else!

2.  We have mounds of new presents.  I'm going to have the girls help me go through old toys to donate to charity.  This will be a good rainy/hot day project this summer.  I donate things to the Vietnam Veterans Association because they take most anything and pick it all up!

3.  I'm looking forward to starting a new week and to getting back into a routine.  Grace is better and will go to school tomorrow.  Actually, the way it's looking on my calendar, we won't be getting back to the gym at all this week!  I'm going to have to make a point to at least get on my treadmill.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


1.  I went to bed very late last night after making the cookies for Lola's party.  I fell asleep and was called by one kid.  She said she had just woken up and was hungry.  I got her oatmeal and brought it to her bed.  Then I went back to bed and fell asleep and she called me again.  This happened a few times.  Then I got back to sleep and the other kid called me!  Needless to say, it was a bad night!  My husband slept fine!

2.  Lola woke up early and got me up then we went to her last soccer practice.  She played really well and then got a medal and a ticket for ice cream from an ice cream truck they hired to come for the day. 

3.  We came back and immediately started baking.  I had bought one of those pans that makes doll cakes since she wants a mermaid cake.  My first attempt at the cake was an utter failure, culminating in a very wet cake and a very messy oven.  I then made cupcakes as a back up plan.  After that I cleaned out the oven and made another cake for the mermaid cake.  It seemed to turn out much better.  Tomorrow will be the frosting and decorating day.  I hope it turns out ok!  The kids helped me decorate the cupcakes and they're very cute.  I spent hours standing today and am so pooped.  Rich and I went out to dinner in New Canaan and now I'm hitting the hay.  Big party day tomorrow!